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Bring the Western Wall home with you.



There is just one Kotel in the world.

The Kotel – The Western Wall – is the epicenter of Judaism and a place of incredible inspiration. Millions visit The Kotel every year and touch its ancient stones.


It is a place where Jews from around the world bond deeply to their heritage and experience a raw emotion that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.


Visit the Kotel just once and you will instantly connect with that intense feeling and identify with its overwhelming positive energy.


What happens to that inspiration after you part from The Kotel’s worn stones? How do you channel that emotion after you have returned from your visit?


Enter Kotel Connections.


Our mission is simple: Connect Kotel tourists to enriching Jewish resources in their hometowns so they can channel the Kotel Experience into their daily lives. We connect inspired Jews to meaningful Jewish experiences. 

Indeed, there is just one Kotel in the world, but its inspiration can be felt wherever you may be.


Elisha Klatzko with Andrew B. in Shaar Yoshov



"The Kotel Connections staff is amazing!
They have guided me to
Jewish resources in my own 
backyard that I never knew about!"

Josh Phillips
Tucson, Arizona



Let's connect.

Rabbi Avi Zaitschek

Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko

Senior Consultant

Rabbi Berel Simpser

Program Director


Yosef and Chaya Sara Behar

Rivky Freedman
Simah Phillips


Rabbi Elisha Klatzko
Follow-up Coordinator

Mr. Chesky Kauftheil

Senior Executive Advisor

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