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Kotel Connection Newsletter

Issue #7

Volunteer Initiative 


Leveraging Klal Yisroel's ahavas yisroel and desire to do more for their fellow Jews, this month KC launched a new worldwide program from its Yerushalayim headquarters.

We have begun enlisting and training volunteers in Israel to spend an hour or more engaging with unaffiliated Diaspora Jews, who visit the Kotel, Rovah and almost anywhere.

Building on the successful 20 months since we began, the technologically advanced followup system that we created to connect any Jew to a personal mentor in their hometown, allows us now to expand the number of people "in the field" that will seek out and facilitate these connections. We plan to maximize our impact with volunteers from within EY as well as from the thousands of Bnei / Bnos Torah who visit E.Y. each year.

We are starting a GLOBAL MOVEMENT of Yidden, to show HKB"H that we will not let our fellow Jews assimilate spiritually!

We recently had a well-received launch event with an inspiring presentation by Rabbi Ben Tzion Klatzko to a group of women in Ramat Eshkol. See the video and pictures on this page.

For more info, visit:

Story of the week

From the Kotel to Boston

Scott I.

Elisha met Scott during the Akiva winter 2022 trip. Scott, originally from Boston, and I stayed in touch, and I helped him return for a second trip to New York in 2023. We connected him with Meor on campus, and he subsequently joined a program called the Meor Solidarity Program, run by Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld, which involved volunteering in Israel while participating in morning Torah classes. Currently, Scott is connected with the Rabbis on campus and regularly attends their events.

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